Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: LGBT+ Couples


Hello ,lovelies, and happy Sunday! Today’s theme is a “love” freebie, and of course my brain went to a pretty obvious choice: favorite ships. Then I figured, why not make it more fun and specifically do LGBT+ ships?

So here are my top 10 favorite bookish couples that are anything but straight.

1. Wylan & Jesper – Six of Crows

Who doesn’t love the classic pairing of the shameless flirt and the clueless soft boy?

2. Alex & Henry – Red, White, & Royal Blue

This was one of my absolute favorite reads of last year. Alex and Henry’s relationship was so fantastically written.

3. Ryann & Alexandria – The Weight of the Stars

Another one with a phenomenally written relationship and the most wonderful bittersweet ending.

4. Magnus & Alex – Magnus Chase

Nothing makes me happier than a badass genderfluid character. And Alex Fierro is definitely badass.

5. Simon & Bram – Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread this or rewatched the movie. I just love Simon with all my heart, and Bram is such a doll.

6. Jack & August – The Wicker King


Oh look, two K. Ancrum books on one list. Totally unsurprising. The Wicker King was absolutely incredible. I love the complexity of Jack and August’s relationship so much.

7. Mia & Ash – Nevernight

Now, I still haven’t read Darkdawn (I will, I swear.) but Godsgrave was enough to set me solidly on the Mia/Ash ship for life.

8.  Neil & Andrew – The Foxhole Court

Such a beautifully dysfunctional couple. These two are perfect for each other. Both broken and damaged and yet they work so damn well together.

9. Patroclus & Achilles – The Song of Achilles

BRB can’t type while sobbing. This book destroys me even if I’m not actively reading it.

10. Adam & Ronan – The Raven Cycle

This might very well be my one true OTP (I love how repetitive that phrasing is). I just love them so much, as individual characters as well as one of the best couples I’ve ever read. Not to mention, Ronan Lynch is everything. I love him.

My only complaint with this list is the ratio of boys versus girls. It’s made me realize I definitely need to read more sapphic stories. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Thanks for reading, see you all next Tuesday!

XO Kerry

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